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How do you like to be remembered? Me, I would like to be remembered like an elusive good book that does not appear lovable to everyone, gets underrated at times, yet never loses its rarity to inspire, whenever one comes down to the verge of despair, and that functions like ember, forgotten, but when the weather goes cold, one suddenly remembers to reignite it for warmth and comfort.

Bits of Heaven, AM.


Sang pengembara

July 8, 2015 § Leave a comment

Aku tak mengharapkan kasihmu untuk berteduh, cuma mimpi-mimpi menjadi persinggahan jejakku. Penat, aku berhenti. Jemu, aku pergi. Ini bumi Tuhan dan kita hanyalah sang pengembara.

-AM, KL 2010


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