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Life is mysterious. Things explain themselves when you least expect, like when you’ve always noticed every single change that has taken place opposing the ordinary. You know when people suddenly lose interest in you when you are no more the piece of favourite biscuit, the dosage of caffeine they’ve got to take¬†everyday. When you are no more the nightingale they love to listen to before they doze off dreaming. You know when you have now, quite suddenly, become like a luggage packed up with unwanted memories, left somewhere unknown to be consumed by time, abandoned, and rather forgotten without trace. You notice mostly everything but you decide to let the lips drawn tight. You have always known that the truth can be bitter and hurt excruciatingly worst than death. Anyhow, that’s something you inevitably have to swallow; people – be them lovers, friends, or strangers – always take leave when they find someone seems better. Thus, never expect to find unwavering loyalty in people. It does not ever exist except in fairy tale.

– AM.


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