December 23, 2015 § Leave a comment

You can rob her heart, rip it to pieces, and deride it like the wittiest joke you’ve ever cracked in life. You can help her climb a mountain only to watch her slide down hopelessly like the most dramatic scene you’ve ever enjoyed. You can take her to an arcane realm promising her wonders, yet when it’s time, you slash her right through and quaff her very blood like the best drink you’ve ever had. You are unstoppable, mutilating at will, yet no matter how complacent you feel soon thereafter, it is quite unexpected that some things you can never snatch from a living soul. Memories – things kept in the deepest part of the mind. Sealed. Untouched. Not even with your two hands can you reach them, let alone, simply eradicate. See, triumph is not all the time yours, for things you are oblivious of, leave you pathetic. Very pathetic. And that’s how you are going to live your life, not knowing even in dim light, her face beams so bright, elated by a modicum of good memory flickering from within.

– AM.


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